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Failing successfully: A SheepShaver random startup error

If you spend a lot of time running the SheepShaver emulator there's a really weird error that occurs randomly. The emulator fails to start, which is weird, as it may have started fine yesterday, an hour ago or even 5 minutes ago. You haven't made any changes, what's going on?

It turns out you've done nothing wrong. It's just that SheepShaver can be a bit finicky about the memory it wants and in this case, another windows process has nabbed the memory SheepShaver had it's eye on. SheepShaver complains and doesn't want to play, so you see this error.

No error here?
No error here?

It's an easy fix, in the words of Roy from the IT crowd, 'Turn it off and on again'. Just restart Windows, in nearly all cases this will fix it. Very very occasionally I've had to restart Windows twice before SheepShaver got what it wanted and started.

At time of writing the latest version is SheepShaver-Windows-27-08-2023-framebuffer and the error is still present and occurring randomly in this version.


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