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Subwar 2050: Antarctica Campaign Walkthrough

This is taken from some of my earlier posts on the GOG Subwar 2050 forum.

Mission 1 - Save the Whale

I went with 6 torpedoes, 4 decoys, 2 transponders and the rest rockets.

Now apparently destroying the enemy structure on the sea bed delays an enemy response but I skipped this bit. Moved to the right to position myself in line with the mines and destroyed the one that moves up and down the mine line, I think with a torpedo.

Dropped a transponder at waypoint 1 and again at waypoint 2. Moved away from the transponder back to my starting position.

At some point an enemy sub shows up, I waited until it moved closer but with empty water behind it, you may be able to manoeuvre about him, the important thing is not to fire a torpedo that may find a whale instead. Destroyed him with 3 torpedoes at close range which was risky and then finished him off with rockets (which may be the safer option).

Mission 2 - Iceberg Ahoy!

My loadout was 4 x torpedo, 3 x decoy and the rest rockets. Gave the wingman 3 x decoys and only rockets.

Head to waypoint 1, then position yourself just above the subs towing the iceberg. 2 enemy subs arrive to your right and left, send the wingman after one whilst you deal with the other.

A 3rd enemy sub appears above and behind the towing subs, so engage and get your wingman to help if he's dealt with his assigned target.

Mission should end once the 3rd enemy sub is destroyed.

Mission 3 - Rescue at Rig 5

Go with 3/4 torpedoes, a few decoys and rockets.

Head to waypoint and continue to waypoint 2 until you see the base. This is another mission with some flakey scripting. There are 2 enemy subs, one at waypoint 2 and the other at the opposite side of the base. Do not kill the enemy sub at waypoint 2 otherwise your wingman does the 'dying as soon as the enemy sub dies' thing and the mission fails.

Head to the other sub (not at waypoint 2) stay above the thermal layer and then manoeuvre behind him, kill him with rockets and get back above the thermal layer. Head to waypoint 2 drop behind the enemy sub at waypoint 2 and destroy him with rockets.

Issue special orders to your wingman to begin the rescue. You may have to accelerate time as he can get 'stuck' and accelerating time tends to unstick your wingman.

Another enemy sub shows up, get above the thermal layer get above them or as close as you can get and destroy them with rockets or any remaining torpedoes.

The key on this mission seems to be to always reposition yourself towards enemy subs when above the thermal layer.

Mission 4 - The Krilling Fields

Loadout: 3 x torpedoes (or more if you prefer), 3 x decoy, lots of rockets. Wingman: 3 x decoy, lots of rockets.

The straggler harvester is the one at the back, make your approach as deep as you can. There are 2 Hurricanes by the harvester and I ended up getting behind them destroying both with torpedoes and rockets (also got my wingman to help).

Then we both destroyed the harvester and mission ended, think I probably missed out on the stealth bonus.

Mission 5 - Deadline

Loadout: 4 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy, 1 x listening device, rockets

Get to waypoint 1, continue to waypoint 2, however an enemy sub turns up, both you and your wingman should attack with rockets.

Make a run to waypoint 2, destroy the second enemy sub with torpedoes, destroy the enemy listening device with a rocket and then fire your own listening device. The mission should then end.

Mission 6 - The Spy in the Fridge

Loadout: 6 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy, lots x rockets.

Get to waypoint 1 and continue to waypoint 2. Issue the special orders to your wingman to begin the rescue. 2 Enemy subs show up, 1 above the other. Again there's a weird scripting issue, do not attack the top sub first! Destroying this sub destroys your wingman as well.

Instead starting with the lower sub, I fired 3 x torpedoes at the lower one, then the upper one. This didn't actually destroy either of them but they retreated below the thermal layer and stayed there.

My wingman completed the rescue, issued orders to get back into formation and then ran for waypoint 3, where the mission finished.

Mission 7 - Tiptoe through the Minefields

Shouldn't matter on the load out, you shouldn't need to shoot at anything!

Take your time, kept my power / speed at 15 throughout. Get to waypoint 1, continue to waypoint 2, you may need to head deep and close to the structure to thread the needle between the mines. Once at waypoint 2 just stay slow and deep and head to waypoint 3.

Mission 8 - Is there Anybody out there?

Loadout: 4-6 x torpedoes, 3 x decoys, lots x rockets. Wingmen: 3 x decoys, lots x rockets. Active sonar throughout.

At waypoint 1 there's an enemy Type 25, get your wingmen to attack, but attack it yourself with rockets, it's very easy to lose wingmen on this attack so you may want to destroy it yourself, or at least help a bit. You want both wingmen alive once it's destroyed.

Then full speed back to the carrier, get your wingman attack their own targets and go after your own, it can get a bit hectic so if an enemy slips past use your torpedoes. Stay fairly close to the carrier and it should be ok.

Mission 9 - Icebreaker

Loadout: 27-30 x rockets at least (40+ better), 2-3 x torpedoes, 2-3 x decoys. Wingman: lots x rockets, 3-4 x decoys

Keep your speed low and head to waypoint 1, A Type 25 appears kill your speed and go silent, get your wingman to attack, it's heading straight for you so use your ballast to get above the thermal layer and the Type 25. If it gets close and your wingman hasn't killed it, give it a few rockets to finish it off.

Go with a slow, deep approach to the base, there's an enemy Hurricane so get close, give it a rocket to get it to appear on your contact list, send your wingman after it and give it a couple of torpedoes.

Whilst those 2 are busy get in the middle of the bases, as shallow as you can get, as soon as you start firing mines will activate but if there are bases between you an the mine, the mine hits the base an not you.

You need to destroy each base, using 9-10 rockets, get close and fire. Once the 3rd base is destroyed get out at full speed and the mission should end.

That should be the 2nd campaign done!


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