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Subwar 2050: Bermuda - Anything for Money Campaign Walkthrough

Subwar 2050 box cover

This is taken from some of my earlier posts on the GOG Subwar 2050 forum.

Mission 1 - A Foot in the Door

This is a fairly straightforward mission, head to waypoint 1 and kill the enemy sub there. Head to waypoint 2 and destroy the enemy sub near the debris. Go active on the sonar and target the debris. Continue to waypoint 3 where the mission should end.

Mission 2 - Curiosity Killed the Cat!

Head to the waypoint where the debris is at speed. You'll encounter 3 enemy subs. Send your wingman after one, destroy the other and then destroy the sub towing the debris. It will fall to the ocean floor and shortly after a friendly sub will appear to tow it back to the carrier.

You may have to destroy the towing sub first before you destroy the second enemy fighter sub. Once the debris has made it back to the carrier the mission ends.

Mission 3 - More Questions than Answers

For this mission you have to destroy an undersea pleasure complex, guarded by a couple of enemy subs. As you approach the complex get above the thermal to hide and make a stealthy approach, hide on the far side of the complex, with the complex between you and the enemy subs. From above the thermal get as close as possible and destroy each of the legs. Once destroyed the mission ends.

If one of the enemy subs gets underneath the structure as it falls to the ocean floor, it'll cause the structure to bounce off the sub and spin, before it hits the sub again, bounces and spins some more. It might take a couple of minutes but eventually either the enemy sub is destroyed and/or the structure hits the ocean floor and is destroyed.

Mission 4 - Beware the Howl of the Jabberwocky

This one can be tricky. As you approach the waypoint where the strangeness occurs you'll want to hide above the thermal, there'll be an enemy Whirlwind present, get behind or above it and destroy at close range. The strange structure causes damage, so go full throttle with active ping over waypoint 2, then run at full speed to waypoint 3 and 4, if you're quick enough you should get back to the carrier before the damage becomes too severe and you're destroyed. Once back the mission ends.

Mission 5 - To Dream the Impossible Dream

As you get to the strange structure, there'll be 2 Whirlwinds, stealthy approach and destroy at close range. Due to the enhanced shielding you won't take damage so get close and active ping the structure. Shortly after be on the lookout for a third Whirlwind coming in from above (but not directly above) and spam your remaining rockets to kill it. Then it's just a case of heading to waypoints 3 and 4 after which the mission ends.

Mission 6 - Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore

This mission is all about base defence with a little extra at the end. The first bit can be a bit hectic. The base will be approached by 3 enemy subs approaching in a line. I headed to the right and destroyed the first one a Hurricane from behind, then destroyed a second hurricane, before finally destroying the middle sub a Type 25 (I think). You may want to change the order of the last 2 subs destroyed. Once done that's the hard bit over.

The base will detect a 4th sub, approach it and it's identified as an old (but friendly) US Navy sub. Give it an active ping and shortly after the mission ends

Mission 7 - No Guts, No Glory

The anomaly you're sent to investigate is at waypoint 2. Once you're in close proximity, old WW2 aircraft will begin to appear at and around the anomaly. With the aircraft pointing forward, position yourself to the left of the leftmost aircraft. You receive a message that a friendly sub has been dispatched to retrieve the aircraft.

Shortly after a couple of enemy Hurricanes materialise. As you're close you should be able to kill both without any trouble. Once done the mission ends.

Mission 8 - The Barricade

As you approach the portal there'll be 2 enemy subs. You have plenty of time so a stealthy approach and kill at short range to maximise rockets (I think you can carry rockets on this mission, but if not, getting close also makes the torps more effective). Once both are dead it's on to the next part which has to be done quickly.

You need to lay 5 mines and you don't have a lot of time. Use your autopilot to orientate towards the waypoint, autopilot off throttle up and drop the mine as you pass the waypoint. Then do the same for each of the other mine waypoints, autopilot on to orientate, autopilot off, throttle and drop as you pass the waypoint. Once all 5 are done, put a little distance (not too much) as an enemy sub appears, get close and use the rest of those rockets/torps until it's dead. Once dead the mission ends.

It's not a problem if some of the mines are triggered as long as you lay the 5 mines and destroy the last sub.

Mission 9 - Riders on the Storm

It being the final mission you know it's going to be tricky. You have 2 wingmen, but one is a Trieste which always seems to die as soon as he engages anything. It can get hectic and a bit confusing as there are 6 enemy subs to destroy. It also means ammo conservation is key.

Firstly 3 enemy subs appear (from what we'll call the front) in a line. Send your fighter wingman after the one (Hurricane maybe) on the left. Take the Hurricane on the right and then get closer to the large middle sub and try and destroy it with 7 rockets. If one of your wingman is still alive you're doing well. Get back to the portal.

I kept sending both wingmen and the Trieste never did much with this first wave and died almost immediately.

Then 2 enemy subs appear from the 'right', send any wingmen after them but don't engage yourself because there's a large sub coming directly from above which is a greater threat. Destroy this one by getting close and letting fly, hopefully you can kill this with about 7 or so rockets.

The last 2 enemy subs may also get a beating from the friendly torp mines around the portal. Hopefully you have enough ammo is left to get in close and destroy them. Once the last sub is destroyed, mission should end shortly.

You might want to leave the Trieste at the portal for cover as this may be a better use and get them to help attack the sub coming in from above and then assist with the last 2 if they're still around.

Subwar 2050 medals page

And that's the last campaign complete!

Your medal stash should look something like this!


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