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Subwar 2050: Mediterranean - The Lost World Campaign Walkthrough

This is taken from some of my earlier posts on the GOG Subwar 2050 forum.

Mission 1 - Recon

This one can be done without firing a shot, stealth is the way to go. Keep your speed at 15 knots, as you approach each waypoint be on the lookout for any enemy subs, some will be sitting and waiting without any running lights so they may be harder to spot, you can manoeuvre around behind them to slip past.

You can reach waypoint 3 without alerting any subs and drop the listening device. The mission ends once you reach the final waypoint at the carrier.

Mission 2 - Diversion

Another stealthy start to this mission, keep your speed at 20 knots. As you approach waypoint 2, hide above the thermal. At waypoint 3 get close to and behind the enemy sub and destroy it. Both docks need to be destroyed, so hopefully you have enough rockets left, get close as possible and destroy each one in turn, to use the rockets as efficiently as possible. Once both docks are destroyed the mission ends.

Mission 3 - Confusion

As you approach the research station you'll see a number of enemy subs, approach stealthily, get behind each one and kill at close range, even after destroying a sub the others won't be able to track you allowing you to do the same thing to them.

Each structure at the research station takes 6 rockets, once you're almost dry you can call on your wingman to destroy those that still remain. Once destroyed head to waypoint 3 for the mission to end.

Mission 4 - Convoy

At waypoint 1 you'll encounter an enemy sub which can be destroyed. At waypoint 2 you'll see the convoy. You can hide beneath the thermal and destroy the 2 escorting Hurricanes from underneath. Once destroyed get above the thermal target the lead convoy sub and issue special orders. Once boarded the mission will end.

Mission 5 - Escort

I didn't make notes for this one so this is from memory. I think you have to wait for the hijacked sub to dock at the base. If there were any enemy subs that needed killing I would have crept up behind and destroyed with rockets. Once the area is clear you can send in your wingman with special orders to secure the intelligence team and escape. At which point the mission should end.

Mission 6 - Underwater Ear

Bad notes on this one, so anyone feel free to correct. In this mission you'll pilot the experimental and very fast Barracuda. So I think you can get away with hiding above the thermal and destroying the listening post. Then running at high speed for waypoints 4 and 5. Mission will end at waypoint 5.

Mission 7 - Dire Strait

You have to escort an experimental deep diving sub called the Titan back to the carrier. There's a hard way to do this and an easy way to do this. The hard way probably involves trying to keep up with the Titan and firing torps at any enemy sub that fires at it to try and get back to the carrier.

The easy way involves leaving the Titan, where it is (but remember it's bearing to waypoint 1) and progressing to each waypoint, sneaking up and destroying enemy subs, there are 3 or 4 so the stealthy approach to the rear followed by a quick kill helps. Once you get to last waypoint, turn around head back to waypoint 1, pick up the Titan close by and try and keep up as it flies past each waypoint. Once it reaches the carrier, mission ends.

Mission 8 - Discovery

Due to the high tectonic activity in the area you really really want to make sure you hit subs and not the surroundings. Another mission where it helps to get to a waypoint but then continue on before heading back. The trick is to sneak up on the sub at waypoint 1, make a stealthy approach above waypoint 2 then head straight down (without ballast, far too noisy) tag the waypoint then climb up to get some clearance and head to waypoint 3 and finally make a stealthy kill on the sub at waypoint 4.

Then back to waypoint 2, position yourself to the rear of one sub but with the second one in view. Make a stealthy kill sometimes the second enemy still won't be able to track if you were at a dead stop when you attacked. Sneak up on the second and do the same, or hit it with rockets if it's found you and heading your way. These last 2 subs can take a lot to destroy so be careful you don't run out. Once they are dead the area is clear, Head to waypoint 2 and use active sonar, you may have to target some of the ruins but the mission should end shortly.

Mission 9 - Atlantis!

This one is tricky, mostly because you have to work out what you need to do, it took multiple attempts. Your escorting a Trieste to send a team in to recover data. Heading towards waypoint 1, there's an enemy sub, stealthy approach and kill it. Leave the Trieste a little way away because here's where it gets interesting.

You can't kill both subs at waypoint 2, you can kill one but killing the other results in the wingman dying and mission failure. So sneak up on one but keep the other in view, hit it from behind and kill it. If you were at a dead stop the second sub should still not see you.

Now hit the throttle and run, heading away from the Trieste, the aim here is to get the last enemy sub to chase you, torpedoes will be fired, decoys will be released. Damage may be taken but when you are a couple of klicks away, hide above the thermal and wait, the enemy sub having lost you should also wait. Send the Trieste in with special orders, after a while the team should recover information and start to head off, Sneak away above the thermal and the mission should end soon. Not sure if the mission ends when Trieste makes it back or you have to escort it back but that should be easy enough.

Campaign done!


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