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Subwar 2050: North Cape - The New Eco-Warriors Campaign Walkthrough

This is taken from some of my earlier posts on the GOG Subwar 2050 forum.

Mission 1 - Baltic Prelude

Loadout: 3 x torpedoes, 3 x decoy (maybe more), rockets

The 'you should not fire on anyone unless you have been attacked yourself' requirement is actually true for this one. You must be fired on before you can fire back, doing so beforehand fails the mission.

The only problem is waypoint 1, there are 2 enemy subs in front and a Hurricane, without running lights, behind directly in front of waypoint 1. All it takes is an active ping at distance to get an enemy sub to fire then you can destroy them all, or damage them until they can't fire back. You have a wingman so give him target(s).

Waypoint 2 is clear, waypoint 3 has an enemy sub but you can hide using a thermal as you approach. Then back home to waypoint 4 where the mission ends. You may be able to do this mission stealthily without firing a shot but it'll be tricky with so many subs around waypoint 1.

Mission 2 - Fishy Business

The default loadout is fine.

The Kriller is slow and unresponsive but has a lot of torpedoes. You have 2 wingman and they'll do the killing so make sure they have plenty of rockets.

Head towards waypoint 1 where 2 enemy subs appear, first one on the right then one on the left. Send your right wingman to the right and the left wingman to the one on the left, otherwise they cross paths and it can get messy. Fire off a couple of torpedoes to keep the enemy on the defensive.

Another enemy sub appears so fire a couple of torpedoes and send your wingman after him. At waypoint 2 you begin the collection, you need to get close to multiple schools of fish and when you collect them the amount to collect drops each time. As the Kriller is so slow and unresponsive take your time, it's fine to use active sonar to try and find more groups of fish. Once you collect them all mission ends.

Mission 3 - Bottom Feeder Blues

This one can be a bit tricky, so load out with a few torps and lots of rockets again.

The trick to this one is to position the powers wingman to your rear. You also have to kill the 2 enemy subs in the area. So head to waypoint 1. Once there start heading to waypoint 2 but you see a sub off to the right. Get closer to him and give him an active ping, and wait until he fires. Yes, you have to be fired upon before you can respond. As soon as he does, hammer him with rockets. There'll be a second sub approaching and you don't have to wait for a torp this time, simply hammer them with rockets. Once they're both dead the tricky bit is done.

Head to back to waypoint 2, where you should receive a message about readings or measurements being taken and to head for home. Head to waypoint 3 and the mission should end shortly!

Mission 4 - Demolition Man

Lots of rockets again, unless stated otherwise, always load up on rockets in preference to torpedoes.

The trick here is to get to waypoint 1, then get above the thermal and make your way to the station. When you get there there'll be 3 enemy subs, 2 Hurricanes in front and one without running lights behind.

I ended up killing the enemy sub in the rear, but this mission suffers from flakey scripting and your wingman always dies. Then you can kill the station and finally I killed 1 sub and damaged the other before running out of ammo. At this point I made a run for waypoint 2 and then waypoint 3, at waypoint 3 the mission ends.

Mission 5 - Crimes of the Heart

You can take rockets but you'll also want quite a few decoys as the aim of this mission isn't to kill anything. As soon as the mission starts run as fast as possible, drop decoys if needed. You aim is to get away and hide so put some distance between your attackers.

Then power down and wait, at some point you'll receive a message and a waypoint, head to the waypoint as quickly as possible. The mission ends once you reach your sister carrier.

Mission 6 - The Wrong Stuff

Once you get to the carrier you should see an enemy whirlwind, set your wingman after it, whilst he's engaged get to the carrier and spam it with rockets. A second whirlwind should appear above the carrier but if you kill it quickly the mission will end before you have to deal with it.

As ever the closer you can get to your target the fewer rockets/more effective each rocket will be.

Mission 7 - Goodbye, Murmansk!

Stealth is the way to go on this mission. As you approach the line of 7 mines you want to clear a path by destroying the 3 to the left, if you're stealthy enough the other mines won't activate. Continue on and sneak behind the enemy sub then continue on to the waypoint to deploy the mine.

Once deployed get above the thermal and either make a stealthy escape or make a run for the open water. If you make a run you may trigger the mines but your speed should allow you to evade. Once at the last waypoint the mission ends.

Mission 8 - The Kissoff

You have to run and run fast in this mission, so hit the throttle and put some distance between you and your former employer. Once you have some distance and torps aren't tracking you hide above a thermal and wait.

There are a group of enemy subs tracking you. One is a Type 25 and there are a (I think) a couple of Hurricanes as well. To end this mission I ended up having to kill 4 including the Type 25 so a bit of stealth to position yourself behind them and attack.

I was fortunate to kill most of the first run but you may have to run and hide above thermals and attack again. Once enough are destroyed the mission ends. Not sure but it might be mandatory to kill the Type 25 to finish.

That should be campaign 5 done!


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