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Subwar 2050: Sea of Japan Campaign Walkthrough

This is taken from some of my earlier posts on the GOG Subwar 2050 forum.

Mission 1 - No Artificial Colourings or Flavourings

Loadout: 2 x Mines and load up with whatever you want, you won't be shooting anything.

This is described as one of the more difficult stealth missions but not so much. Stealth is key though, passive sonar and keep your speed to 15 or below, if the current is strong and you're not moving then up the power to 20 but bring it down to 15 when you start moving.

You'll see 2 robot subs ahead kill speed and wait until they are moving away, head to waypoint 1, slowly until you get there. Kill speed to 0 and drop both mines. Turn to waypoint 2 and again slowly at 15 knots or less head to waypoint 2. Mission will end once you get to waypoint 2.

Mission 2 - Satellite Down

Loadout: Lots of rockets and a few decoys.

Head to waypoint 1, as you head to waypoint 2 you'll encounter an enemy recon sub, this should be a simple kill with rockets. Once you arrive at waypoint 2 go with active sonar and you should encounter 2 enemy subs (I can't remember if you have a wingman, if you have send them after one of the enemy subs). They should be fairly easy to kill with rockets.

Now if the friendly recovery sub has been destroyed you can head close to the satellite to bring it under tow and then head to the final waypoint. If it survives it begins towing the satellite so just follow. Once the sub towing the satellite (it may be you) gets to the final waypoint, mission ends.

Mission 3 - To Catch A Thief

Loadout: Lots of rockets and a few decoys. Although this may be possible with just torpedoes.

I have to describe what I think you have to do as I completed this mission in a fairly bizarre manner. Stick close to the sub, it's not easy as it is very very fast so try and stay with it. Part way round you encounter an enemy sub, and the experimental sub gets hijacked. Send your wingman after the enemy sub and go after the experimental sub, once it gets to the carrier it'll slow/stop so kill it and the mission should end.

What actually happened is that I engaged the enemy sub, that fired off a torpedo or two, which because the experimental sub was so close the torpedoes hit and killed it almost immediately, then the mission ended successfully!

Mission 4 - The Dumping Ground

Loadout: Lots of rockets and a few decoys for you and the wingman.

There are 4 x Type 25 subs you need to kill and they take a lot of rockets to kill. You should find the first two easily enough on the way to the first or second waypoint. Get fairly close and engage with rockets (I think you have a wingman so give him a target)

The second 2 have an escort so kill this first them go for the last 2 Type 25's. When they are destroyed the mission ends.

Mission 5 - Submarine Graveyard

Loadout: Lots of rockets and a few decoys

Head to waypoint 1 on the way you'll encounter an enemy sub, should be a fairly easy kill with rockets. Once you get to waypoint 1 head east and destroy the 2 robot platforms. Head west past waypoint 1 and you should see a final platform and an enemy sub, get behind it and kill it with rockets. Destroy the last robot platform.

Due to the extreme depth it takes fewer rockets than normal to destroy the enemy sub and platforms. Head back to waypoint 1 drop the debris and the mission should end (I don't think you have to return).

Mission 6 - Tourist Attraction

Head off with your active sonar running. There'll be 2 enemy subs, give your wingman 1 and destroy the other. Then just wait for the friendly Jumbo sub to start towing the stranded sub. DO NOT accelerate time as this prevents the mission from being completed. Follow the Jumbo until the mission ends. Fairly easy mission this one.

Mission 7 - Blind Run

Leave the default loadout. And yes it isn't a bug, this sub has 2 banks of torpedoes and rockets.

Go with the active sonar at waypoints 1 and 2. There are 6 structures that can be destroyed but you only need to destroy 5. The first 3 are easy to find, no 4 is just past waypoint 2 but the other 2 are on the far wall opposite no 4 and a bit further along.

Once you've destroyed 5 head close to and past waypoint 3 (but don't cross it), put a little distance behind waypoint 3 and turn towards it.

Now you don't have decoys but you do have speed, a lot of speed. Now you have to race towards waypoint 3 at full speed, you want to cross it heading down the trench to waypoint 4 as soon as you hit waypoint 3 an enemy Hurricane appears above you spamming torpedoes. However at full speed you can outrun the torps and the Hurricane has no chance of catching up

As you get to waypoint 4 there'll be torp mines and another enemy sub, blow past them all at full speed, any torpedoes should not be able to catch you. At waypoint 5 there'll be another torp mine this one tends to hit you so you may want to try and avoid or take the hit and hope the speed stays up. Waypoint 6 is in the opposite direction so disengage the autopilot as you get to waypoint 5 or you'll slow in the turn and the torp will definitely hit.

Alternatively I was able to stop just before waypoint 4 turn around and destroy the pursuing Hurricane, then the sub approaching from waypoint 4, then crept up on the mines and destroyed them (however I had only destroyed 4 structures so the mission didn't end). So it might be possible to destroy the subs.

If you can still maintain about 130 knots select waypoint 6 engage the autopilot and you should have enough speed to get home safely for the mission to end.

Mission 8 - Harbour Bombardment

Loadout: 3 x torpedoes, lots of rockets and a few decoys.

I think this might be one or the harder missions but I did this in one attempt, more by luck than judgement but here's what I did. There's 2 min countdown so don't hang about, off to the first waypoint. This should take you to the harbour entrance. There's an enemy sub I engaged with torpedoes and 2 x torp mines I engaged and destroyed/spammed with rockets.

Head into the harbour, there are 3 mines ahead I engaged/spammed with rockets. I think the harbour is waypoint 4 so head to it and drop the transponder. Then I headed out, encountered the enemy sub that the torps hadn't killed, so finished it off with rockets and then ran for open water where the mission ended.

Note: I didn't engage the ASW vessel just dropped the transponder and ran!

Mission 9 - Earthquake!

Loadout: Lots of rockets and a few decoys.

Pretty easy if you take it slowly and stealthily. Approach at a speed of no more than 25 knots. As you approach there are structures on the sea bed, I didn't head directly over these which may have helped. Approach to within 0.75 - 0.85 of each torp mine and destroy with 1 or 2 rockets. At this point all should still be quiet. Head to the waypoint over the base.

Do not release the bomb yet! You're probably off centre from the base and the bomb drop might miss. So nose down and head closer to the centre of the base. Once you think you're over the centre level off and point to 090 degrees, drop the bomb and gun it with max power.

There'll be a message if you're on target. You should be heading to waypoint 3 (I think) and once the countdown ends there'll be a few flypast camera views and the mission ends!

And that is the last campaign in the base game. Scenario campaigns next!


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